Domestic and Commercial waste heat detection’


The head of one of the UK’s major power companies stated in 2014 that energy bills are high because the country’s ‘old and draughty’ houses waste so much gas and electricity. Certainly, draughts are a common household problem resulting in higher household heating bills and uncomfortable living environment. It can sometimes be hard to identify the source of those draughts. It would also appear the problem is not just associated with older houses but also with ‘new builds’ as many homeowners complain about cold rooms and draughts.


By commissioning a heat loss inspection survey you can identify ways to reduce your energy costs and pinpoint areas requiring remedial work such as missing or inefficient insulation. This can be major source of heat loss.


In order to conduct a thorough investigation we need to get the air moving around the home. To do this we uses a blower door which is fitted to the inside frame of your front door. A large fan gently sucks air from your home and once the pressure is equalised the outside air begins to infiltrate the building. Leaks will then be picked up and recorded by the thermal camera and will instantly highlight missing or inefficient/patchy insulation, cracks in the plaster, joints, floorboards, service pipes, window frames etc.



A complete air infiltration test will check your entire house for leaks and help provide a more in-depth analysis of the heat loss in your home


Seeing is believing

Thermal images provide useful information about how efficient buildings are. They can highlight potential problems as well as giving re-assurance that things you have done to conserve energy are working as they should.


What you will receive

We will send you a thermal imaging report in a digital format, including copies of the images recorded and our interpretation of what they’re indicating plus some simple ‘fit and forget’ solutions which you may find helpful to improve the comfort of your home and keep your costs down.


Below are a few examples taken from previous surveys.



Cold air (shown as blue in the picture) can be seen coming in around the loft door and skirting board into the bedroom area. This is an indication of heat being lost unnecessarily.



Thermal imaging in conjunction with a blower door picks up areas of missing or patchy insulation and air infiltration (blue areas). Studies have shown that if 10% of insulation is missing, it typically reduces that part of the building’s ability to retain heat by a staggering 50%. This inevitably will lead to an increase in your heating costs.




The thermal images shown here (A) identify some anomalies with the condition/performance of a radiator. Large sections of the radiator are seen as yellow to green (cooler). White and red are the hotter areas. The thermal image (B) reveals a consistent and even heat pattern across the whole of the radiator. This suggests a well maintained and efficient heating system. It is worth mentioning a well maintained system will not only help save you money on heating bills and keep you warmer but will also prolong the life of your boiler. Image C shows under-floor heating working as it should be.



Our core service includes the use of a blower door and our surveys are carried out on household interiors only. Thermal imaging the outside of a building is very weather dependant and relies on dry, cold and calm environmental conditions. Moreover, an internal survey allows us to pinpoint all the areas of heat loss and draughts far more efficiently. A written report is included but if you wish to save money by excluding this then please let us know when booking the survey.


Location 1-3 bedrooms Each additional bedroom
Gloucestershire, Bristol, The Cotswolds £195 £50
Wiltshire, Somerset, Warwickshire £245 £50
Other areas (at our discretion) £225 + £1 per mile (return journey) £50


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