Fast heat, flexible control panel heaters


Infrared heating – is an energy efficient, electric slimline heating option for single rooms or complete homes.



The warmth we feel from sunlight (and also from a log burner or stove) is infrared radiation. On a winters’ day the cool air does not bother us if we can feel those warming rays from the sun on our face. This is because infrared energy waves can travel long distances, only turning to heat once hitting a surface, warming everything from people and animals, to the garden earth, tarmac roads or brick buildings.


In the home, infrared heating comes from ceiling or wall mounted panels. A specially developed carbon fibre material transforms electrical energy into longwave infrared radiation, this energy does not need air to transport it but permeates the whole room only turning to heat when it touches objects, people, walls or floor. These objects store the heat and release it evenly into the room, thus the whole room feels warm and comfortable, no chills or draughts.


The human body’s comfort depends on the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the surrounding surfaces, walls, floor and furnishings. With warm surfaces, such as those produced by infrared heating, you will feel thermal comfort by being surrounded by warmth which in turn warms the ambient air. It is possible to save energy by turning the thermostat down and still feel comfortably warm. All electrical energy is used to warm people and objects directly, there is no wasted energy with this form of heating.


Infrared home heating is inspired by nature; it is just the same as the energy we absorb from the sun that makes us feel warm. Just like sunshine, the heater should be placed high on the wall or on the ceiling to bathe the room in the warming infrared rays.


Infrared heating can produce perfect thermal comfort, healthier and more cost effective than most hot air systems



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