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Welcome to Heat Tight – Thermal Imaging and Aerial Technologies. We’re a team of experienced thermographers and energy consultants (energy nuts to our friends). We have a mission to reduce energy loss wherever we see it. We find it, identify it and find ways to plug it.


We work in solar photovolitaics (PV) to detect faulty panels and weaknesses of all shapes and sizes to stop you wasting money and to ensure any energy system is performing as expected. Solar farms, commercial rooftops and residential installations.


We carry out flat roof leak detections and can scan an entire roof surface economically to reveal any defects.


We pride ourselves by not operating a one-size-fits-all approach. Over the years we have invested in a wide range of inspection tools from a specialist survey vehicle to helium balloons, from state of the art Aerial UAV’s to extendable masts and poles.


Choice is driven by offering the most economical and precise solution to fit the required criteria and often ends up with a mix of options from the toolbox.

+44 1453 832140  or  +44 077680 94471