Professional and cost effective PV inspections


Solar power is a relatively new and increasingly important source of electrical energy for business owners, utility companies, and homeowners alike.


To ensure any energy system is performing as expected it needs periodic inspections. Solar PV systems are not exempt from this requirement.


Infrared thermal imaging technology offers an efficient and accurate way to spot damaged solar cells, even in large arrays.


Why schedule an inspection?


Our approach


With solar farms around 10 MWp or less we tend to deploy a specially modified survey vehicle. We can either work with a retractable mast or the vehicle is designed with a platform for a second person to scan and photograph as we move along. Our approach offers ground level/close up inspections along with a spatial analysis.



Faulty/damaged panels are subsequently marked with a bright orange weatherproof peeable sticker and permanent paint pen for ease of identification which is helpful for the maintenance team. Essentially, you know exactly which panel is defective and a report to flag up the extent of the problem.



Larger solar farms (typically in excess of 10 MWp) or where the terrain is either unsuitable or even dangerous we use the Aerial UAV. We can carry out either high level scans (80 meters) or closer up inspections (20 meters) driven by client requirements and our initial findings. We are CAA approved within the UK



What can you find?

What shows up on a thermal image includes cracked cells, faulty diodes, moisture penetration, shading, bird droppings and Potential Induced Degradation (PID) all of which affects the performance of the module. The problem is they all have a larger or lesser impact depending on the degree of resistance caused by the poor connections. A poor module in any string of modules can have a major impact on the overall energy generation performance.


What information is provided?

Each thermographic image taken during our inspections of solar farms and commercial roof tops would provide the following details:



We analyse every real issue picked up and in accordance IEC 61730-1 and using delta T measurement provide a traffic light system to highlight what further action we suggest may be required, or not as the case may be.


Heat Tight carried out infrared inspections of over 90MWp of PV systems during Spring/Summer 2017 and provided reporting on all the findings.



Solar PV Inspections - Homes

We can also provide inspections for homes which will be conducted with the use of an aerial UAV or telescopic mast.


For more information call Heat Tight on 07768 094 471 or email to with your room measurements and details about your heating needs.